1613-1655N-Switchview™ Sportsmans Lever


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  • Model: 1613-1655N


Switchview™ Sportsmans magnification adjustment throw lever - model 1613-1655N


BUSHNELL ELITE 4200 model scopes with illuminated reticle.

GRSC 1x6 CRS model scopes.

Mueller APT model scopes.
NIKON M223 (To be sure of the model/generation of Nikon scope you have, measure the magnification ring diameter. The Switchview you may need is the 1740SV2N3V1)
Weaver Classic Extreme 1.5x4.5x24 model scopes.

Zeiss Conquest model scopes.

Other scopes with similar dimensions.

 - Scope makers modify designs without notice. Measurement of scope magnification ring before ordering Switchview is recommended.


Specs: Lever length: .780”.

Ring diameter 1.613-1.655" not including dimensions for the scope's index nub if present.

The lever needs .187" of clearance between the scope body and the nearest object for proper operation.

Color: Flat Black.

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