Switchview™ Levers

The NEXT GENERATION is here!! The new Switchview Ball & Socket version provides cleaner fit, more streamlined design and simpler, more secure installation. Still made of durable 6061 alloy, CNC machined for precise fit and reliable function in the most demanding situations of law enforcement, military and intense competiton uses.


We're also proud to introduce our latest Switchview, the MGM Eagle Eye Switchview Universal Speedlever. Tirelessly engineered and developed to strictest MGM demands, the Eagle Eye Switchview functions exactly the same as the alloy model except is injection molded of a  of polymer, especially developed for the MGM Eagle Eye Switchview. Designed to fit any scope, perform reliably and enhance your shooting experience, all at a very economical price.


MGM Switchview™ levers revolutionize rifle scope use. A small, lightweight accessory which clamps around the power adjustment ring of variable power scopes and perfectly enables quick and easy adjustment of the scope's power setting with just a light push or pull of the lever while maintaining natural hand, arm and firing position. Perfect!


Installation of a Switchview™ is simple, in either the Ball & Socket model or the Eagle Eye model nylon strap, either model utilizes just one screw for closure and a snug, secure fit for reliable operation.


Please note: The Switchview Scope Compatibility list (http://www.mgmswitchview.com/switchview-model-compatibility) is intended only as a guideline to assist in selection and offer 'most common fits'.  - Scope makers modify designs without notice. Measurement of scope magnification ring before ordering Switchview is recommended.

Of course, there are new scope fitments discovered occasionally and optics makers revise dimensions without notice.

For best results in determining a fit, Step one: Measure your scope's magnification adjustment ring with calipers then review the list and Switchview model number before ordering.

The diameter measurement is the most critical element of the fitment.

Many, but not all scopes are listed but fitment has only to do with magnification ring dimension.

Please note: The Switchview model numbers, such as 1490SV, refer to the diameter, in this case, 1.49"


Use the following diagram for reference. If additional assistance is needed, call 888-767-7371 8a-5p MT, M-F.




MGM Switchview™ levers undergo continuous refinement often directed by input from shooters like you. The photos may not be the most current version, so if you have any concerns about the Switchview™ lever you are interested in, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Pricing: Special or sale pricing or discount codes may not be combined on purchases.

Product Image Item Name- Price
EAGLE EYE Universal Fit Switchview™ - Tan

EAGLE EYE Universal Fit Switchview™ - Tan

Universal Fit  - for ANY scope. Instant Scope Magnification Adjustment Throw Lever. Color: Tan $24.99 each Hunters, Tactical Shooters,...


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